Making the second leap in our journey - releasing EinsteinPy 0.2.0 !

So the wait is over …

EinsteinPy is all set to release its version 0.2.0 and this time it’s even more awesome than before. The community is growing with more and more contributors joining in from all over the world with versatile background and each one having their own experience and expertise in the field of general relativity and we are thankful to all those smart contributors and users for their valuable input and feedback in the library. Since the first version was released, EPY has seen a series of evolutionary changes in its code including amendments in its module semantics, implementation of more optimised algorithms and more cleaned up interface to provide even better experience for its users. Our all the efforts are now aligned towards the provision of better higher level of abstraction to make numerical relativity an ease and we hope that EPY will one day become a charm in this quest.

Some victories of EPY till now …

SOCIS - Summer of code in space

The organisation got selected in the prestige SOCIS program sponsored by European Space Agency and Sofía Ortín Vela is selected as summer intern in the project “Extension of the library as a package for symbolic calculations” along with two honourable projects also actively participating in the same. Varun Singh is selected in the honourable project “Visual Relativity using EinsteinPy” and Chinmay Talegaonkar in the project “Adaptive Mesh refinement for EinsteinPy”, both will be working this summer as summer interns with EPY.

What’s new ?

This version of EPY will see a lot of awesome and cool features which will totally redefine the traditional ways of learning GR and together with EPY one can really first imagine, visualise and see through those nasty looking equations and get the crux of the subject which itself is not that hard and then later he/she can wrap his intuition with the sophisticated math of differential geometry and tensors !! Lets see in more detail what’s really there in the gift box for our users…..

  • Kerr geometry
  • Kerr-Newman geometry
  • Coordinates module with Boyer Lindquist coordinates and transformations
  • Bodies module
  • Defining geodesics with ease !
  • Animated plots
  • Intuitive API for plotting
  • Schwarzschild hypersurface embedding
  • Interactive plotting
  • Environment-aware plotting and exceptional support for iPython Notebooks !
  • Support for tensor algebra in general relativity
  • Symbolic manipulation of Metric tensor, Riemann tensor and Ricci tensor
  • Support for Index Raising and Lowering in Tensors
  • Numerical calculation and symbolic manipulation of Christoffel symbols
  • Calculations of event horizon and ergosphere of Kerr black holes !

To know more about the above features and their related functionalities do visit the documentation and user guide at

we hope to receive valuable feedback from your side !