Last days of summer

Hi relativity fellas! I didn’t realize and August is almost done!

Einstein was right, time is relative, as I said, we are getting into September, it is incredible to me how time literally flies when you enjoy what you are doing and how it get so terribly slow when you don’t. My purpose of the last month, was to improve my skills in test. Now I feel really comfortable testing, and not only that, because it also help to develop the functionalities of symbolic module, of which I have several updates.

A little bit of context…

… symbolic is a standalone module in charge of calculation of the core GR quantities. On it, there is a bunch of classes that inherit from Base Relativity Tensor (which also inherit from a base tensor class xD). A long this time, our biggest challenge was to define the tensor configuration to be able to calculate relevant functions and quantities in General Relativity, such as: Ricci Tensor, Einstein Tensor, Stress Energy Momentum Tensor, and the list go on. So as you can see, this module has been as snow ball, little by little it has been getting bigger. But not only the module has gone bigger, also my knowledge and confident with python and git, even if I have a long road to ride.

That is all for now! And stay tune!