State of the art

It’s been a while since I joined EinsteinPy thanks to SOCIS program, but along this time I didn’t stop learning. At the beginning everything sounded new (even now still does) but little by little and thanks to my mentors support, I am getting into the track. My first challenge was not about coding at all, it was about understanding git and github. In this time, I have come to understand the importance of git, which, apart from coding part, is the most important skills of a software developer.

The next challenge I had to face was the development of symbolic module, which support the symbolic calculations of the core GR quantities. In this module, I have developed my first class in the project, the Tensor class, which would act as a base class of other tensor related class. I am still developing new features to this class to make his use simpler. Besides of this one I have work in other classes like MetricTensor, RicciTensor… but to not bored you with the details, I highly recommend you to take a look of the code in einsteinpy repository.

Right now I am dealing with test, which it is absolutely new to me, but is essential to the develop of the project due to test we can easily verified whether any changes in some part of the codebase is right or not (using Continuous integration services like CircleCI, of which maybe I will talk in another post), as I said, this is totally new, and I am keep learning how to do it, but soon wrong code won’t be able to run away of me.

Next steps

The next challenges EinsteinPy has for me will be the development of scripts such as Stress-Energy-Momentum or Einstein Tensor, which will describe the curvature of the spacetime!

So, don’t miss the next post and remember, don’t be shy and contribute!